we provide, your security

concertina wire.

ripper layer makes practically impossible for trespassers to go through it, the smart coil helps in both detect and prevent intruder's by electric shock and tell you where the intrusion is operating happen from.

Anti-Vehicle Barrier.

mind against extreme intruder's, we work under certain jurisdictions that makes it that we can't disclose what our AVB is made of.

Reinforced fence.

The high-density mesh composition of our Reinforced fence panels consists of apertures that are too narrow for finger grip and foothold. Its climb-resistant properties help to prevent unauthorised access to properties, manufacturing plants, land, and critical infrastructure. The integrated framework of high-security fence posts has been rigorously tested against the aforementioned cutting tools. our Reinforced fence is consistently found to be difficult to cut through with blades, saws, and discs, destroying them in the process. In tests against acetylene torch and other heat sources, no significant impact was found on the fence system

Upgrade your Critical Infrastructure Partnership Today you can count on the organization that has successfully secured numerous critical infrastructure sites.


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